IDEA WILD is grateful for the support of individual donors,

without whom we could not operate.

We are also grateful to the following funds for supporting us with grants:

April Fund
Bohemian Foundation
Cincinnati Zoo
Community Foundation Boulder
Dagoba Chocolate
Denver Zoo Foundation
Disney Conservation Fund
Earth Rising Fund
Giant Steps Foundation
Holloman Price Foundation
Houston Zoo
JM Kaplan Foundation
Katie Adamson Conservation Fund
Lincoln Park Zoo
Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation
Margulf Foundation
New England Biolabs Foundation
Optics for the Tropics
Schatz Family Fund
Serimus Foundation
The Wildlife Society
Tommy E. Short Charitable Foundation
Tulsa Zoo Friends
Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation

The mission of IDEA WILD depends on equipment suppliers

and we are grateful for generous donations from the following:

Like most nonprofits, IDEA WILD is grateful to community partners

for their in-kind assistance and annual support: