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This page is intended for anyone interested in applying for equipment or aid from IDEA WILD.

IDEA WILD will only review and approve complete proposals, so please follow these guidelines carefully.

1.     You must include the following items:

a.    IDEA WILD application form
b.    Project proposal in your native language (please also include an English version if available)
c.    One page summary of your project proposal in English
d.    Your resume or curriculum vitae
e.    A letter of recommendation from your advisor (only if you are a student)
f.     If possible, please include a photo of the target species or habitat

2.    Your proposal must relate to biodiversity conservation, research or education.

3.    For the IDEA WILD application form:

  • A current email address is absolutely necessary so we can confirm arrival of your proposal, communicate after we have accepted or rejected your proposal, or ask additional questions.
  • Due to the uncertainty and cost of international shipping, IDEA WILD uses a relay method for delivering equipment. Please provide the name, United States address, email address and telephone number of a person (such as a visiting professor, friend or relative) who will be traveling to your country. We will mail your equipment to this person in the United States for them to deliver to you.
  • IDEA WILD encourages the use and reuse of equipment and gives preference to proposals that clearly explain how the equipment will be used when the project is finished.
  • The total cost of your equipment must be below $1500.
  • It is important to include detailed descriptions of requested equipment, as well as the name, telephone number and website address of the company that sells each item.

These are some suggested websites for frequently requested items:
      Avian Research Supplies:
      B & H Photo:
      Forestry Suppliers:
      Wildlife Materials, Inc.:

4.    Your original project proposal can be the one prepared for your BS, MS, Ph. D., independent research, etc. This can be submitted in your native language, although English is preferred. Also include a one-page summary of your proposal in English.

5.    IDEA WILD accepts proposals from ALL countries. Priority consideration is given to projects with:

               1) a strong biodiversity conservation aspect

               2) direct involvement with nationals of the country where the project takes place
                   (if you are non-national, it is best to have a national apply or co-apply)

               3) plans to further use (recycle) equipment after the project has completed

               4) a valid US contact who can receive your equipment.

6.    You may email your proposal to or mail to:
420 Riddle Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80521
(970) 482-6748

An email confirmation will be sent to confirm receipt of application documents. We look forward to reviewing your proposal!