Watch some video testimonials from our grant recipients

Diversity, Community Perception and Prioritization of Invasive Alien Plant Species in Rasuwa, Nepal

Recipient Vivek Chettri, professor at the Institute of Forestry at Tribhuvan University in Nepal was able to provide equipment to his undergraduate student who shows her enthusiasm and thanks

Bio Monitoring and Anthropogenic Threat Suppression for Protection of Pangolins in Deng Deng National Park

Three-time recipient Esong Ebong explains his project and shows his gratitude for the equipment received from IDEA WILD over the years

Some written testimonials from our recipients from over the years

In my field as a biologist IDEA WILD is a very renowned NGO, which has helped students in the laboratory where I did my masters in Biological Sciences. So among all students at Universidad de Los Andes we recommend IDEA WILD because we think is a marvelous grant that can help a project in needs of equipment.

~Manuel L. Fonseca – Colombia – FONSCOLO1019~

I would just like to share exciting news about our rediscovery of the Guttman’s stream frog (Pulchrana guttmani) after being lost for 28 years. I thought of sharing this with you since Idea Wild is one of those who believed and supported me in my project. 

~Kier Mitchel E. Pitogo – Philippines – PITOPHIL0119~

Many thanks and gratitude for the kindness and love of all of your colleagues and those who work hard in this regard, and herewith, part of the unkindness that is done to nature by some part of human beings will be compensated by some other part of human beings like you.

I hope you are always successful and proud.

~an anonymous grant recipient – 2020 ~

Thank you for fulfilling the dreams of thousands of people around the globe.

~An Applicant in 2021~

Over the last seven years, the IDEA WILD equipment (GPS, soil moisture and pH meter, rangefinder and digital camera) has been used to train over 750 undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Department of Ecotourism and Wildlife Management at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (Nigeria). The students were educated in four distinct courses on the applications of geospatial technology on the impact of ecotourism on ecosystems, rangeland management, forestry, and recreation ecology. 

It’s also encouraging to know that three faculty members (ADETNIGE0418, and ODEWNIGE0920; ADEKSOUT0121) and five postgraduate students (AZEENIGE1120, OFUYNIGE0621, ADENNIGE1121, and two new awardees) from my department applied for and were awarded the IDEA WILD equipment grant because of the publicity generated by my project.

My heartfelt gratitude to IDEA WILD for the incredible opportunity to conduct innovative research and contribute to capacity building through the equipment grant. 

~Oluwatobi Emmanuel Olaniyi – Nigeria – Project ID: OLANNIGE1213   

From a volunteer who delivered the equipment to a recipient in 2022:

I traveled to Uganda last month, and was able to deliver the laptop to Akiikih (the binoculars were already delivered earlier by a friend).
He is very happy with it, and sent me the attached thank-you letter and some pics and clips that he asked me to forward.

As I spent a few days with them in their village , I became even more impressed with the work that Akiikih and his organization BACHO are doing.
As there is so much wildlife in the area, and often entering the village, conservation is so important to reduce the potential conflicts.
They’re using a lot of educational and cultural programs
(including arts, drama, music etc) on those topics.

Many thanks again,

Koen Van Rompay, D.V.M. Ph.D.
Unit leader, Infectious Diseases
Project ID: APPOUGAN0820

I just wanna say thank you for believing in my project. The equipment will be very useful and important for the project.

~Luiza F. Passos – Brazil – PASSBRAZ1210~

I have been awarded with IDEA WILD equipment when I was finishing my Bachelor at the University of Buenos Aires, and this has helped tremendously to launch my career as a conservation biologist. Today (July 2020), fifteen years later, I have accepted a prestigious permanent position as a CONICET (National Research Council of Argentina) Research Scientist to continue working to address important conservation problems in Argentina. Undoubtedly, I owe part of this accomplishment to NGOs such as Idea Wild that keep empowering conservation biologists in the developing world.

~Alejandro Pietrek – Argentina – PIETARGE0720~

To be honest, IDEA WILD material funding in my earlier projects was immense and words have no power to explain the positive impact it brought to me and researchers in my institution as well as my MSC students. IDEA WILD materials grant has immense contributions to most of my recent publications works and the ones on the process. Even, my promotion itself is due to IDEA WILD.

I am eagerly looking forward to your compassionate response to support my project.

~Dereje Yazezew, Ph.D – Ethiopia – Project ID: MAMMETHI0614~

The equipment sponsored by IDEA WILD was core to the success of this research field season. I used the dive equipment (regulator and BCD) and the underwater camera on a regular basis over these three months, and without this equipment, my fieldwork would not have been possible. I offer great thanks to IDEA WILD and their sponsors for facilitating this important research that will hopefully aid coral reef restoration and conservation efforts in Palau and serve as a scientific basis for conservation efforts more broadly in coral reef regions globally.

~Liam Lachs and Victor Nestor – Palau – Project ID: LACHPALA1219~

 Thanks to IdeaWild for your altruistic help in the conservation of nature.

~Guillermo Antonio Mendez Calderon – Venezuela – MENDVENE1210~

 I write to express my sincerest appreciation for the support in the form of equipments given me during my thesis research.
I successfully
completed the research and has subsequently been awarded my Mphil degree.

The equipment did not just benefit me but now serve as equipments for
other students in my department. 

~Japheth S.T.Roberts – Ghana – ROBEGHAN0610~

Thank you very much for your support and generosity.  I wish to thank you for opening this door of opportunity, which is a huge step for me, and for giving me strength to persist and succeed.

~Gilson Souza Ferreira Neto – Brazil – FERRBRAZ0820~

I wanted to thank y’all again for the equipment. All the guys are having a blast using the new tools, and the leaf blower is now our foreman’s best friend. We can’t say thank you enough for the help. Items like the chainsaw chaps, a necessity in any OSHA abiding business in the US, are unheard of hear and are quintessential to safety in the field of tree work.

~Shannon Slivinske – Belize – MCCOBELI08109~

This is to express all my gratitude for your help in my research project. It is certainly admirable all your work and enormous contribution to wildlife conservation worldwide. Countless are the projects that have been materialized thanks to your help and that  have resulted in significant efforts to promote the conservation of many species and in the education of many people. These are goals that should be of the highest priority in the world we live in today. Thank you for that. You’ll be hearing about my progress with my work, hoping it to be one of those that make significant contributions to wildlife preservation.

~Gustavo Castro Peinador – Costa Rica – Project ID: PEINCOST1009~

I wish to thank IDEAWILD for showing great assistance in providing field equipment for me once more time.  IDEA WILD’s used laptop computer was undoubtedly very useful during my fieldwork in 2008 and 2010. My project entitled “Bats Diversity In Buton Island, S.E. Sulawesi, Indonesia” and here I attach photos of me and IDEA WILD used laptop computer also project report summary. For your information, I am currently also just graduated from masters degree and hopefully will continue my study to higher level this year.

Thank you IDEA WILD for making my dreams comes true again.

~Felicia Lasmana – Indonesia – Project ID: SARIINDO0308~

Many thanks for arranging to have these items shipped here. I’ve served as a conduit for [several] Latin American students whom IDEA WILD has supported in the past, and know how much of a positive difference you and your organization makes to their professional development and research opportunities.  So, my sincerest thanks to you and IDEA WILD!

~James L. Patton, PhD
Curator and Professor Emeritus, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
Department of Integrative Biology, U of CA Berkeley
Peru – ARONPERU0312~